ASMC started small like most dreams do- by occupying one floor of a four storeyed building in 2009; and then slowly moved up to occupy the entire building. What used to provide intervention to only 6 individuals a decade ago, today serves 45. Namita and Suresh continue to be a source of strength and encouragement for many parents through their positive outlook and dedication towards supporting children with ASD, and improving their lives in every possible way Namita and Suresh Somani are the founding trustees of ASMC. Their inspiration for establishing the center came from their own struggles with finding appropriate intervention for their son who was diagnosed with ASD early in his childhood. Having found little to no resources that could help their son and others like him in the country, they decided it was necessary to open a school along with allied services which would run on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). They were introduced to the concept of ABA and were able to help their son with this intervention. They wanted this help to be available to more children in Kolkata.



Debarati: Debarati began her Masters in Social Work in 2000. At that time, she also wanted to help bring about practical changes in the lives of the people she was learning about, and thus joined ASMC. She quickly became a proficient Behavioral Trainer and acquired skills from ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) that made her a great teacher. As her skills improved, Debarati went on to become a Senior Trainer and eventually, a Program Coordinator. She became especially interested in the challenges faced by older students who are no longer accepted in schools/centers and are neither equipped with the skills to seek employment. Currently, she works with ASMC on developing vocational training programs to help teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum to find employment opportunities and become self-sufficient.

Aatrika: Aatrika completed her Masters in Applied Psychology in 2015, and has been working at ASMC for the past 5 years. She started out as a 1:1 Behavior Technician and quickly moved on to the position of Senior Trainer. She is currently working as a Program Coordinator, and has the experience of managing several students and their individualized programs. She also trains the 1:1 trainers in ABA techniques, under the direct supervision of our BCBA. Aatrika works with students having mild to severe autism, and is trained to implement behavioral interventions for early to intermediate learners. She also has experience in providing home-based intervention, and has provided extensive training to parents in ABA techniques. She completed her course in Behavior Analysis from BMI, and is interested in research projects on strategies to promote independent self-help skills. Aatrika has presented several practical papers at ABA India Conference as well.

Aniya’s focus has always been on practical application of science on human problems, hence, she did her Masters in the field of Counseling Psychology, with aspecialization in Clinical Psychology. She joined ASMC because she wanted hands-on experience in providing intervention, and learned about ABA and its impact while working with the children here. This motivated her to study Behavior Analysis from the BMI school, and to increase her knowledge. She is now a Program Coordinator, ensuring quality 1:1 teaching and also managing the individual student programs. In the past 4 years, Aniya has gained extensive experience in dealing with high functioning adolescents who undergo language development-based interventions under the direct supervision of a BCBA.

Smita completed her masters in Life Sciences but soon realized that her motivation lay in clinical work, rather than in a typical laboratory setting. She has been working in the field of Behavior Analysis for over 4 years. She has experience in working with 3-15 year old children, alongside experience in DTT, behavior management, embedded and incidental teaching in both center and home settings. She has completed her course in BCBA from Behavior Momentum India and has presented several research papers. She looks forward to using teaching strategies embedded in the natural environment