Who Will Benefit:Currently, ASMC is the only place in India where this program is available. This program is designed for children under 4 years and whose parents can afford to provide full-time intervention at home. The home is the ideal setting for early intervention because this is where the child spends the most time and is the most comfortable. Even the research conducted on early intervention programs are usually home-based. Parents have a very important role to play in this kind of intervention, resulting in greater practice and generalization of the skills learned by the child.

Goals:Initial goals include teaching communication and learning readiness, which includes- attention, imitation and co-operation. Once these skills are developed, the goals expand to include visual performance tasks, receptive and expressive language development, social skills, play skills, self-help and academic readiness. 

Format:Teaching is on a 1:1 basis. We use interactive, play-based teaching methods, creating opportunities for each child to learn in a natural environment. Once a positive learning environment is established, we will adopt a structured, table-top approach.

Who Will Benefit:This model is beneficial for parents and caregivers who wish to acquire assistance on how to teach their children skills like- toilet training, cycling, independent schedules, community skills, peer play skills, cooking, vocational skills, etc. The skill(s) will be chosen by the parent in coordination with the Center Director and Program Coordinator.

How It Works:This program differs from the intensive and part-time models because the number of visits for consultation will depend upon the skill chosen. Training will be included in the consultation so no additional intensive workshop will be required in the first month. Before the consultation begins, a meeting will be conducted between the Center Director and the parents to identify the target skills and estimate the number of visits that will be required.

Who Will Benefit:This program is designed for students who are already behavioral intervention and ASMC, and thus, is in addition to the hours they are spending at the center. The aim of the Part-Time Home Program is to ensure generalization of skills and also to impart skills suited to the home environment, such as- self-help, independent leisure skills, etc.

How It Works: In the first month of the program, the Center Director and the Project Coordinator will conduct 3 home visits for 3 hours each to assess learning environment at home, identify IEP targets and train parents/family members/caregivers who will be involved in the child’s program. After the first month, if the child receives 5-10 hours weekly home intervention, then the Program Coordinator will visit for 3 hours per month to train parents/caregivers and update IEP targets. If the child receives 10-20 hours weekly training, the Programme Coordinator will visit for 3 hours twice every month to do the same. The Center Director will also visit the child’s home every 3 months to assess progress and assign goals for the next 3 months. 

Goals:The number of skills that can be included in the IEP at home will depend on the number of hours of intervention per week and the student’s pace of learning. For example, with 5-10 hours of weekly home intervention, some children may require repeated practice, and thus can be taught 5-7 skills at a time. When a child progresses quickly through skills or has increased learning hours, the number of skills taught will also increase.

Format:Teaching is on a 1:1 basis and will be conducted by a parent/caregiver or a hired trainer. Teaching methods will depend on the skills being taught, however, full training will be provided to the trainer so that they are implemented correctly. Children will be taught through fun activities and, their interests and motivations will be taken into consideration.