Who Will Benefit:
This program is designed for teenagers and young adults who will be transitioning out of school and will need to acquire vocational skills, so that they can seek employment. Programs are designed according to the student’s needs, but there are two general categories of students for whom the program is designed.

  • Transitioning Group: This is for those who are already highly independent in many aspects of their daily lives, but are lacking in skills generally required for a salaried job. Additionally, they may also be lacking some of the prerequisite social, time management and interpersonal skills an employer will look for.
  • In-House Training and Employment Group: The individuals in this category may have significant delays in speech, academics, making it difficult for them to function in a typical work environment. However, ASMC believes that is possible to teach every individual some skills that can be used by them to earn some level of independent income and a sense of achievement.

How It Works:
We provide vocational training from Mondays to Fridays from 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m, because we have observed that breaks can slow down progress. However, we also recognize the fact that sometimes the days may need to be adjusted, and hence we provide the option to adjust the number of days after consulting our Center Director. In addition, the duration of the training program will depend on the individual and will be reviewed regularly in team meetings.


  • Transitioning Group: An assessment will first be conducted to identify the preferred activities and interests of the individual in order to develop skills that cater to the student’s motivations, while also having the possibility of employment with those skills. We will also assess the individual’s interpersonal skills to identify the difficulties they may face while interacting in a work environment. The training program will be designed keeping these needs in mind; and we will also coordinate with guardians to find suitable employment opportunities with ethical attitudes towards individuals having developmental disorders. Once selected, we will train the student to work in that specific setup. All support will be provided and gradually, we will reduce our presence once they are fully independent and settled.
  • In-House Training and Employment: There will be an initial assessment to identify interests and current skill levels on the basis of which goals will be set. In-house employment opportunities will be developed to meet the needs of the individual. Currently, we provide opportunities in crafts (paper bags, embroidery, etc), in-house office jobs (lamination, printing, etc), data entry and mail campaigns based on company orders.