We provide regular vocational training to individuals who are seeking for employment. There are in-house employment opportunities which can also be availed by an individual. Initially a test is done which helps in the assessment of the interests and skills of an individual after which they are trained to work in that particular setup.

ASMC is the only place in India that provides home-based services to the people on the spectrum and their parents and care-givers. For early interventions home is the most suitable place. Home based training is also given to those individuals who are seeking for assistance in teaching necessary day to day activities.

There are four major behavioral interventions and programs that we work on catering to the spectrum of needs of each individual. Our early intervention programs are offered to children under the age of 4. There are several other group programs, language programs, and intensive behavioral programs that structurally develops and nurtures the required skills in an individual. 

There are two models that has been primarily designed in this category: School consultation and School shadow. The school consultation model has been designed to help students who are enrolled in a mainstream school but they have some behavioral issues. The school shadow model prepares the students for independent learning in a proper classroom setting.