ABA Education

We help children learn and overcome their developmental challenges through principles based on the science of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

End to End Services

All our services are end-to-end and provided by professionally trained individuals. 


 ASMC provides a plethora of intervention programs, each of which caters to the specific needs of every child. 



  • We work towards providing a top-notch ABA based intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays. 
  • Our programs recognize the varying needs of every individual and a specific curriculum is developed to suit the needs of a given student.
  • Our centre provides a safe and supportive space for Individuals on the Spectrum so that they can learn and grow to their fullest potential.
  • Inclusivity is of paramount importance to the environment which we foster at our centre.
  • Our aims are not limited to the child’s skill development but also prioritize the quality of relationships they at their home, school and at the center. 


We envision a hopeful future for all our students. Our dream is to create tangible and sustainable changes in the lives of each of our students that has a lasting impact on the quality of their lives. 


Vocational Training 

We provide regular vocational training and  in-house employment opportunities for individuals on the spectrum. A test is administered to gauge interests and skills and  work is assigned accordingly. 

At-home Intervention

Our method of intervention recognizes that the unique challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum cannot be met by a limited school-like set up.  We also understand that the parents and caregivers of such individuals face many special challenges. Thus, our home-based services also encompass special training for parents and caregivers. 

 At Our Centre 

A significant section of our work is conducted from our centre at Lake Road. For many of our students, the centre is much like a school. Each trainer works with a student on a one-on-one basis.  Our intervention programs are also student specific so that we can address their individual needs. We also incorporate group based programs, language programs, and intensive behavioral programs so that our training and skill development is holistic. 


 Regular School Adaptation

Some of our students are able to adapt into a regular school environment . We have two models for students who fall into this category: school consultation and school shadow. The school consultation is a model which has been designed to help students who have behavioral issues in spite of being enrolled in mainstream schools and  the school shadow model is to help the students ready for independent learning in a proper classroom setting.